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Research lines:

- Investigate unique properties of Azorean dairy products with potential for international differentiation and certification.
- Study the structural and functional diversity of autochthonous microbiota in Azorean dairy foods to serve as a basis for producing new starters to improve consistency and safety, without compromising the unique characteristics of traditional products.
- Investigate bioactive compounds of traditional Azorean foods and plants (Camellia sinensis) with health benefits.
- Investigate the microbial ecology of artisanal Azorean food products and its impact on the safety of these products.
- Conduct research for production of novel dairy products with nutritive and health promoting properties.
- Investigate bioprotective compounds and bacteria combined into biopolymers to obtain edible coatings with the purpose of increasing the shelf life and safety of food products.
- Investigate plant waste and marine organisms to use as nutraceuticals.
- Study plant extracts with anti-insect activities, respecting the WHO recommendations, in order to substitute the synthetic pesticides by bio-insecticides reducing their negative effect on health.
- Implement a collection of new bacterial cultures with technological, nutritive and health characteristics.
- Study the microbial diversity of extreme environments of the Azores, as surrogates for the search of life in other planets.

Célia Costa Gomes da Silva


Elisabete Maria de Castro Lima


José Baptista


Maria de Lurdes Nunes Enes Dapkevicius


Sofia Patrícia Meneses da Silva
Aluno de Doutoramento

Ana Patrícia Rego Lima

Filipe Martim Pacheco Arruda

Lisete Paiva

Susana Isabel Chaves Ribeiro